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Hours takes the pain out of time tracking.

With a visual timeline of your time, smart reminders, detailed reporting, and an interface crafted by Tapity's Apple-Design-Award-winning team, Hours makes a tedious task (almost) fun.

View your day,
timeline style.

Seeing your day visually is the best way to help you remember what you did, discover gaps, and fix mistakes. Each block of time on your Hours timeline can be tapped to easily add notes or edit the time.

Sweet timers.

With Hours timers, you can instantly start, stop, or switch the project being timed—with one tap.

Smart notifications.

Hours' user-customizable notifications help remind you to start and stop timers. After all, we all forget, don't we?

Reports pull all your time together

Hours reports make it easy to summarize your time right within the app or on PDF and CSV reports that you can send out by email.

Rounding rules

Rounding rules make it easy to make your time snap to increments you choose: 1/10 hour, 15 minutes, and more.


The calendar lets you see at a glance the days you tracked time and navigate directly to any day.


Track multiple projects. Add client names to group projects by client. Optionally track by task for finer-grain detail.


Easily add notes to time entries, which will be included in detailed reports.

Surprisingly pleasant to use[...] well-thought-out interface ...

Hours for Mac. Coming soon.

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Hours for Teams

Would you like Hours for your whole team, with automatic reporting to your administrator? Sign up for updates on availability.