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Hours is Out!

The time has finally come! Our app, Hours, has been released to the App Store. We are pleased to announce that the launch went amazingly well:

In the App Store, Hours made it to #1 in the Sales and Top Grossing rankings of the Business section. It also made it up to #27 in Sales in the App Store overall. Hours is doing well all over the world; it hit #1 in Sales in the Business section of the App Store in many major countries.

We were amazed by the press response to our launch. As highlighted in the graphic above, quite a few large tech and business websites took the time to review us. Here are some highlights:

Forbes: “a perfect little app that is incredibly useful—and a pleasure to use”

9to5Mac: “The world’s easiest way of tracking your time.”

Cult of Mac: “an incredibly well designed, thoughtful time tracking tool for the iPhone”

App Advice: “Hours is beautiful, simple, and powerful. I’m absolutely in love with this stunning app.”

Of course the most rewarding feedback comes from the App Store reviews. After so much hard work, it feels wonderful to hear that Hours is already benefiting our users:

“Time tracking is now fun: The most beautiful, easy to use, and helpful time tracking app I have ever used. Worth the money.”

“The Perfect Time-tracker: Easy to use with just the tools you need and with all the info you need clearly visible without having to search clicking button after button.”

“Powerfully Simple: Does it’s job well and intuitively, without clutter. Excellent app!”

“Thoughtfully Designed: Tapity seemingly heard all of my gripes with other time-tracking apps, and elegantly made a tool that avoids the mistakes of others.”

We are so excited to be exciting our users. Such a strong launch provides many opportunities to grow the app to make it even better for our users. Stay tuned, we’ve got some exciting stuff coming soon!

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