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How the World’s Creative Greats Scheduled their Time

A few weeks ago, I explored the lessons in productivity that we can learn from Thomas Jefferson. One thing he stressed was the importance of having a set schedule. And he wasn’t the only one. It turns out that many of the world’s geniuses worked on very specific schedules. So much for random bouts of inspiration!

To add to the idea of learning from the greats, I wanted to share an amazing infographic I found that displays the daily routines of some of our world’s most creative minds.

I mentioned this infographic in my list of the 10 top productivity/timetracking articles of 2014, but I felt that it was too interesting not share on its own. Not only does it offer a quick glance at the basic schedules of history’s geniuses and creative greats (in a fashion not at all dissimilar to the Hours model of a colored timeline), it also incorporates fascinating tidbits about their quirks:

creative routines infographic

To learn more about the origin of this info graphic, check out its creator at Info We Trust.

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