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Surprising uses for Hours (part 1)

We designed hours to track billable time. We tried to make it the best app we possibly could for that purpose. However, after the release of Hours we were in for quite a surprise.

Almost as soon as Hours was released, people began adapting Hours for their own unique needs. It has been really fun to meet people who are using Hours to help them in ways we could never have imagined.

I believe that we found a principle with products. If you design a great product for a specific use case, your intended audience will evangelize it and your user base will grow. For example, Hours was designed for business men and women tracking their billable hours. The team did such a good job that people are now adapting the app to their situations, because it is the highest quality time tracker out there (in my ever humble and not so biased opinion).

One of the huge use cases we didn’t expect, was people using it not only for billable time, but for all their time. I read one blog post in which a woman reviewed Hours and raved about how tracking time in Hours is helping her with personal productivity. She went so far as to say that she could see how the app would become addicting. We set out to “take the pain out of time tracking,” but this was far better than we anticipated.

Sebastian Saldarriaga, Hispanic social media guru and inspirational speaker, talked about Hours in his podcast about increasing productivity. He focused on how he uses Hours to track his time on Facebook, email, and other potential distractors in his day. He was surprised to find that he was wasting time more time than he thought. Using Hours helped him to get back on track and stay there.

I was inspired by all this talk about using Hours for productivity and personal wellness, versus merely using it for billable time. When I tried using Hours in this new way, I was amazed by how much it helped me. So much so, that I wrote a blog post about it.

Productivity is just one of the many unforeseen benefits for Hours. Next week on the blog I will be sharing about a unique user we were delighted to meet.

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