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Hours Integrates with FreshBooks

Hey there! We’ve got some incredibly great news for you. We’re thrilled to announce that in the latest Hours update, we’ve teamed up with FreshBooks so that you can use the #1 cloud-accounting service with Hours. Starting right now, you can send your Hours data to FreshBooks and enjoy these long-awaited features:

  • Professional invoicing
  • Team time tracking
  • Data on the web, advanced reporting, and much more

Did we mention you can try this all for free?

You’re probably saying to yourself right now, “Oh my goodness, this is all I’ve ever wanted in life. How do I get started?” Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We worked tirelessly on this process to make sure that you wouldn’t have to.

To get started, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Hours. Then, tap the “Get started with FreshBooks” button. From there, you can sign up or log into an existing account.

Once you’ve signed in, tap the “gear” button in the top-right corner of the screen. From here, you can add existing timers within Hours to sync to FreshBooks, send data with a single push of a button, and so much more.

Sync Hours with FreshBooks

Hours now provides you with all of the tools to be a time tracking and accounting wizard. Get the Hours update and start your FreshBooks free trial now!

Learn more about Hours + FreshBooks ☞

P.S. We saw the torches and pitchforks, and we embraced your feature requests with a smile. Your unparalleled passion for Hours only motivates us to make Hours bigger and better with every update. You can now customize your start day of the week! You’re welcome. We love you.

Are you as excited as we are about our new update and integration? Sound off in the comments below.

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What’s new in Hours 1.5.1, plus some big news!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that Hours has recently had an update. What is new in Hours?

  • We fixed the bugs in the Hours “glance” on the Apple Watch that caused it to not update in some cases
  • We fixed a bug in running timers on the Apple Watch that sometimes caused an incorrect elapsed time to show if rounding was turned on
  • We fixed a bug that sometimes caused edited timers to change order on the iPhone
  • We added some missing translations
  • We made Hours sounds quieter on the iPhone

And bug fixes are not the only thing that we are celebrating today. Guess what? Hours is rolling out on demo devices in Apple stores around the world! It isn’t in the US right now so if you are outside the US and happen to see Hours at your local Apple Store, we would love it if you tweeted us a pic!

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Hours is now free and available for the Apple Watch!

We’ve been busy here at Tapity with some exciting new developments. Today we are excited to announce that we are launching an Apple Watch compatible version of Hours.

Hours launched last July as the #1 business app and was called “The perfect iPhone time tracking app” by Forbes. We think that Apple Watch will make Hours even more convenient and easy to use!

To celebrate the launch, we are making Hours completely FREE for a limited time. So if you haven’t bought the app yet, now is the time!

Key features for the Apple Watch version:

  • Tap once to start, stop, and switch timers, now from the convenience of your wrist
  • Adjust start and end times in case you started or ended too late
  • Add notes to your time entries with your voice or from a customized suggestions list
  • Check glance to see the running timer and to provide quick access to the app
  • Get notifications to remind you when you need to start and stop your timers and a “Stop Timer” button right on the notification so you don’t even have to go into the app
  • Hours makes the Apple Watch the most convenient way to track your time during the day — switching timers is as easy as a glance and a tap.

Check out the promo video we put together:

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Surprising uses for Hours (part 2)

Last week on the blog, I talked about how we designed Hours to track billable time. However, in an attempt to make the best app we could for our specific clientele, the Hours team created one of the all-around best time tracking app on the market (in my not so humble opinion).

It has been rewarding to see how Hours is helping a more diverse set of people than we could have ever hoped for. Last week I discussed productivity and how many people who love time tracking in Hours track ALL their time, not just billable hours. They say that using Hours helps them to see where they are wasting time and encourages them to be more careful.

This week I wanted to discuss an even more unique use case for Hours. This story came from a loving family faithfully tracking time for the therapies of their autistic son. They tried to use Hours to track tantrums, time spent playing with others, and time doing a single activity. They said that tracking his behavior can be difficult, but noted that the Hours reporting roll ups were awesome for them.

Unfortunately, they would need to be able to track time in seconds. Right now Hours only tracks down to the minute. Until we are able to find a way to implement seconds, they won’t be able to continue using the app. However, they thanked us for creating a great product and said they are waiting for us to make those changes so that they can start using it again.

It was lovely to talk to a family who was so supportive of what we are doing. I sure hope we can adapt Hours for them as soon as possible.

I was inspired by their story and began to wonder: how many more people could we help if we created different versions of Hours for different use cases? There are so many different ways and reasons why people need to track their time. Are there other features or versions we could create to cater to different populations? Parents of disabled children? Teachers? How could Hours help them? What features would they need?

If we add too many features for a smaller clientele, the app will become complicated and not as easy to use for the majority. However, if we were able to add certain features here or there, there are many more types of people that could find Hours extremely helpful. Finding the perfect balance is easier said than done.

I am sure the Hours team will continue to brainstorm and improve Hours. It will be interesting to see what they can do. Until then, I am excited to continue to hear from our lovely customers about all the unique and creative ways they use Hours.