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Beyond Billable Hours: The Secret Power of Time Tracking

Time-tracking is a pain in the lives of millions of people who are required to track their billable hours. Those were the people we planned to help with our app, Hours. Since launching Hours, it has been super rewarding to see how the team’s forethought in thinking about potential time tracking problems and bugaboos has really paid off in making the lives of our customers so much easier.

Recently I watched a video review of hours that blew my mind and changed the way I view our own app! It is a function for Hours that I don’t think any of us here at Tapity even imagined. Without further ado, here is a woman who says Hours could be addicting. Sure we wanted to “take the pain out of time tracking”, but after watching this I realized we may have done an even better job than I thought.

What struck me the most about this video was that this woman was not going to be using Hours for tracking billable hours. She is a journalist, she doesn’t even need to to do that. But she is still using Hours! How? To keep track of her entire life.

Suddenly a marvelous idea popped into my head. If I separate different goals in my life to different colors in Hours and then assign tasks to accomplish each goal within each goal’s color, when bedtime comes I can easily get a quick review of how I spent my time the whole day and how productive I was.

We designed Hours to track billable hours, but I’ve ended up using it to track my personal productivity. In the principle of using a food journal for weight loss, when you track everything you do, you are more careful. Every moment today I have fought to keep my little colors rolling. I have found that just tracking my minutes has made me much more productive. The less blank spaces at the end of the day, the more productive I feel inside. Hours is going to be helping me in ways I hadn’t even planned. What a splendid surprise!